Yoga Classes

IMG_1430Feel that class vibe!

  • Do you thrive on being with like-minded individuals?
  • Do you like the routine of knowing when/where you will practice Yoga each week
  • Do you feel unsure as to your alignment in poses when taking a home practice?

Whether you’re completely new to Yoga, an experienced practitioner or somewhere in between, the energy of a larger group environment could be something that really appeals to you.

Whether your goals are to feel fitter and stronger, improve your flexibility, lift your mood, alleviate pain, or simply to create some ‘you time’, a group Yoga class could be just what you’re looking for.

Classes for All

yoga-class-298x232Lisa delivers mixed ability classes that will see you challenged at times, whilst also see you leaving practice with an inner calm and sense of relaxation.

Lisa prides herself on delivering a strong practice that will see you developing your physical and mental strength week on week.  Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced practitioner Lisa is able to guide you towards the most appropriate level posture for you.

Classes normally last 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The practice will begin with breathing exercises (pranayama) to focus the mind, to bring you into the present moment and to connect your body to your mind.

We then move into the physical postures (asana), which look to improve both your strength and your flexibility.  You will be guided safely through this, with options throughout the class that ensure you are practicing at the level that is right for you.

free-yoga-classEach class closes with a relaxation (savasana), where you get chance to pause, to feel the effects of your practice and then gently move back into your day.

Lisa’s classes are put together with the influences of Vinyassa Flow and Anusara Yoga, resulting in a practice that has a strong alignment focus, with a soft flow in-between postures

One of Lisa’s students said about her classes, “Lisa delivers a strong practice, buther soft, nurturing manner allows you to relax and breath into your postures, almost before you realise quite how hard you’re working!”

Free taster offer

We are offering a Free taster class.  Click here to contact FitLifeBalance today to reserve your space on a mat and start feeling the benefits of a regular Yoga practice