What people say…

This is what people have to say about Lisa and how she has helped them through FitLifeBalance: –

“I have always been fitness conscious and like to go to the gym for regular workouts. However, I never seemed to achieve my goals so in October 2014 I decided to try working with professional help and that is when I chose Lisa to be my Personal Trainer. What a difference a year has made.

“Lisa is a dedicated, knowledgeable and extremely professional individual. The first thing we did was discuss what I wanted to achieve and then set realistic goals. Over the past year I have achieved my initial goals and reset new ones.

“She is a motivated individual who inspires self confidence & drive in her clients. She is very focused on the correct execution of an exercise rather than the number of repitions that can be achieved, thus ensuring that specific muscles are used and making her clients body aware. The ethos is very much quality over quantity which gives the desired result in a safe injury free environment.

“She is very attuned to state of mind of others and adapts workouts to accommodate.

“I have also taken part Lisa’s yoga practices where she adopts the same principles in a group environment.  She is a popular teacher & her practices are well attended.

“Lisa is a sunny, sensitive personality and is a gifted PT professional.”

Laura Powell

“I have known Lisa for many years due to me being a member at David Lloyd Beckenham Kent and Lisa being an instructor and personal trainer at this club.

“I am in my mid 40’s and 2 years ago during a routine health check my doctors informed me that I was overweight and that I had a very high cholesterol level at 8.9.

“I decided to instruct a personal trainer. Lisa was my first choice as personal trainer as I had always found her to be a friendly, helpful and approachable instructor and I had always enjoyed the classes that she had taken.

“With her wealth of knowledge in health, fitness, wellbeing and Yoga, Lisa has proven to be the ideal trainer for me. She is a great inspiration and continues to motivate and push me to achieve my goals.

“I have been training with Lisa on a weekly basis for almost 18 months. I look forward to each session and know that it has been tailored for me to help me achieve my goals. I have recently had a shoulder injury and Lisa has adapted my training accordingly in liaison with my physio.

“The training sessions are hard work but fun and I always feel that I have achieved something and come away with a smile on my face and I am always learning new things. We have just embarked on one to one Yoga sessions which have been wonderful and I am looking forward to adding this to my regular fitness regime. 

“With Lisa’s continued help, guidance, enthusiasm and support I have been able to review and change my whole lifestyle, eating plan and fitness regime for the better. I feel more confident, healthier and fitter now than I did 20 years ago.

“To date I have dropped 2 dress sizes, changing the complete shape of my body and I have reduced my cholesterol to 7.1.  I have more energy that ever before, my skin is glowing, my hair and nails are healthier, my posture is so much better, I eat breakfast, drink a lot more water and have invested in a nutribullet!

Julie Neal

13 November 2015

“Lisa Fairclough has been my Personal Trainer for several years now, and has helped me in many different ways, ranging from fitness to improving my general lifestyle.

“As an active and competitive tennis player, I was shocked when I had to undergo total hip replacement surgery in December 2006 at the age of 56. Although this was a complete success and I was able to return to the tennis court, I had limited mobility, which prompted me to seek the assistance of Lisa.

“She initially worked on my fitness levels by way of a combination of Aerobics and Pilates and counselled me on nutrition, encouraging me to eat better, all of which greatly improved my general conditioning.

“An on-going lower back issue has been hugely improved through Yoga, which is now the prime focus in our weekly sessions. This has improved my balance, chore strength and flexibility that enables me to play even better tennis and to walk my dog for greater distances.

“I have helped Lisa launch her website, FitLifeBalance, and found her to be a dedicated and deep-thinking professional, who is committed to further learning and to combining her many skills in the best possible way to help her clients improve their wellbeing, either through groups or individual one-to-one sessions.

“She continues to study to extend her qualifications and is an inspiration to all those she comes into contact with.

“I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa as an excellent Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher.”

Barbara, Beckenham