What can I offer?

My company FitLifeBalance has three key offerings.  Feel free to explore them at your leisure and contact me with any more specific questions your may have

Start your journey to fitness, health and wellbeing today

  • Fit – A personal training service focused entirely on you becoming the best you can be in terms of your physical fitness, strength and wellbeing.

  • Life – A habit changing service focused predominantly on your nutritional choices, but considering other lifestyle factors that may affect your ability to reach your health and wellbeing goals.

  • Balance – A Yoga offering.  By balancing out the intensity of other forms of exercise with Yoga, you can recover quicker between sessions, improve your flexibility and increase your chance of staying injury free.

How else can I help?


quill-and-pen-clipartI am available to write on a variety of health and fitness topics.

My writing talent comes from a 10 year career in personal relations prior to becoming a health and fitness coach.

Product Development

I am available on a consultation basis to assist you in the development of any health and fitness related products/clothing.

Corporate events

I have experience of delivering Yoga and Fitness Training sessions within the corporate environment.

So whether you would like to launch a weekly session or would prefer to host a one-off event, I may be able to help

Contact me today to discuss your needs and to decide which combination of services are right for you.