Personal Training

Be the best you can be…

My personal Training service at FitLifeBalance help you become the best you can be in terms of your physical fitness and strength.

Personal training sessions are delivered in an intelligent and inspiring way, helping you to meet and exceed your goals.

What can I offer?

  • One-on-one goal setting session – What is important?  Why is it important?  How can I help get you there?

  • Private consultation – What physical and lifestyle limitations do we need to consider?

  • Bespoke one-on-one training sessions – Planned specifically with your goals in mind…

  • Small group personal training sessions – Enjoy the group energy as you begin to achieve your fitness goals together…

  • Weekly one-on-one support and motivation – keep in touch each week, stay on track and get your results faster…

 Why train with me?

portrait_079I listen to you, I get to know you, I develop a plan that fits with your lifestyle and adapt it week-on-week, meaning you get what you need every single session.

Our time together will incorporate a variety of training techniques, enabling your motivation levels to stay high and for you to be challenged mentally and physically as we go.

I ensure we find just the right combination of working and of resting.

We build you up, give you time to recover, then we’re good to go again.  You get to see results, whilst enjoying life and feeling great.

To begin your journey to fitness and wellbeing contact me here today