Be the best version of yourself you can be

Lisa Fairclough, founder of FitLifeBalance

Lisa Fairclough, founder of FitLifeBalance

Welcome.  I’m Lisa Fairclough, founder of FitLifeBalance, a fitness and wellbeing coaching company that is here to help you be the best version of yourself you can be.

Congratulations on taking your first step to becoming a fitter, healthier, happier you.

My FitLifeBalance mission is to help you bring physical, mental and nutritional wellbeing into your life in such a way that it becomes ‘just what you do’

I will educate you on how to consistently make the next right choice, enabling you to start fulfilling your health and fitness dreams.

What next?

lifestyle_001Let’s meet!

Allow me to step into your world and get clear on what motivates you.

With this insight, I am able to put together a plan that plays to your strengths, fits in with your lifestyle and sees you growing into a health and fitness routine that you can maintain and which you enjoy.

I will guide you every step of the way….’the FitLifeBalance way’

Whether you are training for a certain event, looking for a post-baby exercise plan, wanting conditioning for a certain sport, or simply want to become a healthier, fitter, stronger version of you, contact me today to begin your journey.

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